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Welcome and thank you for reaching out. You can contact me for retreat facilitator, SOMA Breath instructor, Flow Fusion instructor, Ecstatic dance ceremony, podcast  concerning health, spirituality and dance in aging body.

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For decades, Jerome has developped body practices as dancers, choreographer, teacher, and coache. 

He has worked on the 5 continents, have shown works, and teach iwith world-class companies. He has shared his methodology all over the world within the professional and non professional dance communities. 

On the way, he has discovered the tremendous strength of their holistic practice for non-dancers. He has ever since designed tools, reshaped their terminology, and go to the essence of the practice where NO previous knowledge of any technical practice is necessary. 

Within your uniqueness and at any level of consciousness and awareness you’re in right now, this course is made for you. There is no age restriction as we keep on growing and learning, experimenting, dreaming, realizing ourselves till our last breath.



Everything starts with connection. Think of he neurones reaching the synapse, the day following the night, the air coming inside your longs and leave again, the sperm racing towards the ovum. With connection comes life and with life comes consciousness. Our consciousness is rooted and has as host our own physical body. All the senses …

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